BlackArch Linux VS Kali Linux Explanations

Written By Kapin Raj.S
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BlackArch Linux Distribution

Hello guys back again with the new stuff about BlackArch Linux.

In this, will take a look about more impressive BlackArch Linux which is a most recent new distro and it is one of the competitive for Kali Linux.

The BlackArch – “Makes it Simple”

  • BlackArch is derived from Arch Linux, is fully compatible with existing Arch Linux installed.
  • BlackArch is a light weighted Linux which can be compatible with low spec PCs.
  • Whereas Kali is not user friendly with old hardware and it will not be compatible with low spec PCs.
  • BlackArch is basically focused on Pen testing and security researches. BlackArch has a very good integrated tools in it.
  • The recent package contains 1900 tools pre-installed. Oops it’s thrice as kali distro. That’s pretty cool.
  • And it is very simple to use. No desktop shortcuts or icon, so no more background process RAM for graphics.
  • All you have to go with just right click on Desktop. There we go with all the menu.
  • Here can use for desktop screen available in it and it’s pretty simple to manipulate it.
  • BlackArch will gives you different variety in attacking and testing.
  • Very simple customization and modifications.

BlackArch Linux


Eventually, BlackArch Linux redefined as ‘The Simplicity’. A Hackers should give a try it out this distro. And this is under testing release. If it has bug, you can report it to the official org.

Check out: –

BlackArch is faster than kali, cause it’s a light weighted. Been wondering for other Pen Testing OS out there beside Kali distro. Still, seems like Kali is the best and reliable.

Things to consider about Kali:-

Kali is developed and maintained by Offensive Security which is running by a community. So it has a support and more reliable. It required hardware spec ! yeah obviously, for better performance! need  better hardware.


Best Regards,

Kapin Raj.


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