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Track Location of anyone with URL

by Kapin Raj.S

Hey guys, Are you searching for how to track your victims location. Then you should click on this post.

Hack facebook xploiting exploiting

How to hack Facebook account

by Kapin Raj.S

Do you wanna learn how to learn Facebook, Twitter hacking. Very simplified steps to get victim’s user ID and password

exploiting xploiting record terminal

How to Record Terminal Session in Linux

by Kapin Raj.S

This is for the techies who want to learn some cool terminal tricks. If you are working some interesting cool stuff. Definitely you would like to record all those stuff. Here is the method with very low memory consumption.

Crack Windows Admin Password

How to Crack Windows Admin Password

by Kapin Raj.S

Do you know! this simple steps can break any of the Windows administrator password. Start learning and hack it.

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BlackArch Linux VS Kali Linux Explanations

by Kapin Raj.S

Are you new to hacking, wanna star with some cool operating system. Learn and start explore.