How to hack Facebook account

Written By Kapin Raj.S
Hack facebook xploiting exploiting

Hack Facebook Account through Internet

Everyone are looking for how to hack Facebook account. Actually hacking FB server is quite tough. But we can cheat the Facebook users. In this blog, I’ll show you how to get Facebook user ID and password of anyone.

Attack Methodology:- Here, a fake Facebook website will be created and link will be send to the victim. Once the victim is logged in with the link which we are generated, User ID and password will automatically send to the attacker machine.

Prerequisites:- Kali Linux or any Linux distro.


Lets Begin !

Step 1:- Download Social Fish script

Search for ‘socialfish github’ in the google. Click on the first link and download the tool.

Download Here


Step 2:- Install Social Fish Script

All you have to do is, get into the downloaded folder.You should see the following files in it.

Images,,, ngrok.url, LICENSE, Server, WebPages, requirements.txt

Then execute the following comments.

#pip install -r requirements.txt

Wait until all requirements get satisfied successfully.

Executable permission need to be given for file

#chmod +x


#chmod 777


Step 3:- Run and exploit Social Fish Script

To Run the script


Hack Facebook account
[!] Do you agree to use this tool for educational purposes only? (y/n)
SF >  y

In the following options you can select any of the social network accounts. In this case Facebook.

Select an option:

[1] Facebook

[2] Google

[3] LinkedIn

[4] Github

[5] StackOverflow

[6] WordPress

[7] Twitter

SF > 1

Then you need to select any of the operation mode from the list. The Recommended way is Standard mode.
_.-=-._ .-,
.’ “-.,’ /
( _. <
`=.____.=” `._\

[*] Facebook module loaded. Building site…

Operation mode:

[1] Standard Page Phishing

[2] Advanced Phishing(poll_mode/login_with)

SF > 1

Then you be prompted with the following link.

[*] Ngrok URL:

[*] Waiting for credentials…

PHP 7.0.27-0+deb9u1 Development Server started at Thu Mar 1 10:29:21 2018
Listening on
Document root is /root/SocialFish/Server/www

Once the victim logged in with the phishing link. Finally User ID and password will be listed as like below content.

[Thu Mar 1 10:32:23 2018] [200]: /
[Thu Mar 1 10:32:28 2018] [404]: /intern/common/referer_frame.php – No such file or directory
[Thu Mar 1 10:32:37 2018] [200]: /ajax/bz
[Thu Mar 1 10:33:32 2018] [302]: /login.php

For more clarifications watch the following video

Hack Facebook Account to learn, not to harm anyone.

Preventing you from this attack:- Verify the link before you login to your social network. Be aware of such attacks.


Disclaimer:- The Posted contents are only for educational purpose. Our web site will not responsible for your actions. And all damage caused by misuse of the tool.


Best regards,

Kapin Raj.S


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