Track Location of anyone with URL

Written By Kapin Raj.S

Location Tracker with URL

Hey guys, Are you searching for how to track your victims location, yeah here is the Location Tracker trick! Then here is the tutorial for find location of anyone with URL. This is a legal method to find out the location of anyone.

Lets Begin !

Step 1:- Choose any of the google image and copy the URL link, for example

Step 2:- Open IP Logger Website and then, simply paste the copied image URL at URL Shortener section as shown in the below image. And click on the ‘Get IPLogger Code’

No img

Step 3:- Finally, you will be end up with the window as shown like below snap shot.

No img

Step 4:- Copy the Google short URL link and share with your friends. Don’t close the window immediately you shared. For further log checks, Save the IP Logger ID which is Required for accessing logger statistics or you could use Link for viewing statistics.

No img

Step 5:- Yeah, you done it. Go to the Logged IP’s tab, then check mark the advanced view and you would be able to see the IP address, Location, device details & many more. The logs can be visible only if someone after clicking this your IP logger link(Mentioned in step 1).

No img

Note:- The location may vary, cause its depends on the mobile or broadband network connection.

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