How to Record Terminal Session in Linux

Written By Kapin Raj.S
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How to Record Terminal Session in Linux

The techies mostly like to save their practice or some new cool stuffs. In this, I’m gonna show you how to record Linux terminal commands session with simple steps. This recording process is led by script package in Linux.

Prerequisite: Basic Linux Command Line Knowledge

Note: To do this root access is not required.

Follow the below simple steps

Step 1: Open your terminal in Linux machine.

Step 2: First you need to check that you have ‘Script’ package or not. Are you looking for how to check?

Here is the syntax to check ==> #which <package_name> , #which script.

Step 3: Here we go! To get started, execute the below command in your terminal.

#script –timing=filename.txt filename.txt

The, you could see the message as like shown below.


Step 4: Execute the commands and process that you want to save it.

Step 5: After doing all your workouts in terminal. Just execute #exit command to end your recording and it will be auto saved in the current directory.


Do you have a question, how to play it??

Now, you can able to see the recorded files into your current directory as follow.


Here is your final step to play it!

Step 6: Execute the below command.

#scriptreplay  –timing=record.txt  timing.txt


Note:- Tons of software which can do recording, this is a default tool from kali distro where you can record and store the files with very less in size. I love this, cause low memory consumption is the one the best part in this script.


Most probably I hope you like this!!

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