Create a virtual server on windows machine with WAMP

Written By ubakara Samy
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Are you a beginner for web development and interested in working with PHP?

This post is for you.

PHP is a server-side language.

Every PHP code is loaded by the servers we use for our website.

And we have an option to work with PHP servers on our local machine.

Yes, The Virtual Server

We have multiple options to create a virtual server with our machines as per our operating system.

In this post, we will see

how to install a virtual server on the windows machine with WAMP software.

Step: 1 Use the below link to download WAMP software

Select Your Preferred language on the site

Step: 2 Click start using Wamp server

Select Your Preferred system type windows(32bit) or windows(64bit)

Your download will be stated.

Select your Path to download WampSoftware

Step: 3 After your download is completed install your software WAMP software.

Step: 4 while the installation select your preferred browser and editor at

C/programfiles/ Your browser and editor 

This selection will help us PHP virtual server will run with the selected browser.

and can develop our PHP code with our selected editor.

Step: 5 Now Your Installation will be completed.

Run you wamp server software now.

Step: 6 To check the virtual server is working fine create a PHP file at Your Wamp installation Path

Generally C/Wamp/ on Wamp folder you can see WWW folder this is a root folder for our server

On this folder create a subfolder test and create index.php file

with the following code


echo “Hack Xploiting”;


Step: 7 Go to your browser type localhost/test as URL

If You can see Hack Xploiting You’re done and ready to work with PHP. 🙂

You don’t need to move to next step,

Step: 8 Otherwise, the URL Localhost will be changed

You can change this on wamp settings by clicking wamp icon on the taskbar at bottom right.

open httpd.conf file by Clicking wamp icon -> Apache -> httpd.conf

Search for ServerName Change your localhost:8080 to localhost:80

Then it will work.

Hope you learned something new from this Article,

Happy Coding 🙂


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